Skydive Challenge
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Thursday, 25 September 2014 11:12
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Reach for the Skies take on the 13,000 Feet Skydive

Leap from a plane from 13,000 feet, 3 miles high in the Sky Freefall 7,000 feet, 1½ mile in 45 Seconds /120mph/ 200 Feet A Second
Experience the landscape, peace and tranquil feeling while gliding under your parachute at 5,000 feet.

To all you adventurous Supporters and Friends of the Midwest Spinabifida Association.

Want to try something Exciting, Fun, Exhilarating and Challenging then take on the 13,000 feet Skydive.

There is nothing on earth to compare or match this feeling as Fiona & John say
Don’t Just Talk About It! Just Do It!

Reach out to your Family, Friends, Cousins, Workmates; even you’re Boss to take on the 13,000 Feet Challenge.
If you know a well known person in your area, Sports, Radio DJ, Doctor, Politician that would take on the Skydive Challenge we can set up a press release to Jump Start the Campaign.

Help raise vital funds for Midwest Spinabifida Association that impact and make a real difference to our Members & Families.


Register today to receive your Sponsor Pack
Call John & Fiona Byrnes or complete the online form below!
Mob: 087 6888600
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Register Online Now!


How Much Do I Need To Fundraise?


How Much Do I Need To Fundraise?

- Fundraise a Minimum Target of: €520

- Reach this minimum fundraising target and you get to participate in our 13,000 Feet Skydive.

- The cost of your Skydive (€260) is deducted and the other €260 plus all additional funds raised go to Midwest Spinabifida Association.

The Registration Process is Simple: - Register on line or email - We will post your Fundraising Card & Posters to you.
- Display posters in Work, Shops, Take-Away, Garages.
- Normally you have 4/8 Weeks to complete your fundraising.
- If you need more time just email or call and let us know you need more time.

Send all payments to: Midwest Spinabifida Association, Charity Skydive
Delta Retail Park, Ballysimon Road, Co. Limerick

Skydive Payment #1 - Collect €260 - Deadline 4 Weeks.
- Send us Payment #1 to confirm your Skydive Jump Date.
- We will email your Booking Confirmation & Instructions.
- Payment # 1 in a Draft/Postal Order and make it payable to "Irish Parachute Club".

Skydive Payment #2 - Collect €260 Final Payment - Deadline 4/8 Weeks
- Send us Payment #2 to complete your Skydive Payment in Full.
- All Charity Funds in a Bank Draft/Postal Order and make it payable to "Midwest Spinabifida Association".

Confirming Jump Date: - To confirm a Jump Date you must.
- Have made Payment #1.

Medical: - Any pre or existing medical conditions please advise when registering.
- It does not mean you can’t jump you just may require a Doctor Cert.
- Over 50 years require Medical Certificate completed by your GP.

Age Limit: - Over 16 years only. Proof of age may be required on day of jump.
- If you are under 18 years a Parent or Guardian must be present day of jump.

WARNING - Skydiving is a High Risk Activity

Liability Notice

- Skydiving is a high risk activity that may cause or result in serious injury or death.
- We do not hold personal accident or third party liability insurance coverage.
- All Skydiving is undertaken at the participants own risk.
- Participant is required to sign and agree a Release of Liability Agreement and make a full written Medical Declaration.
- Failure to agree to this your Skydive or Parachute Jump will be cancelled.

By proceeding with this registration and partaking in the Skydive or Parachute Jump you are required to agree to release the Midwest Spinabifida Association and all other parties from all liability and risk associated with the Skydive or Parachute Jump.


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