Wheelchair & Seating Provision
Written by Bill
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 10:00
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Wheelchair and Seating Provision in Ireland


Dr Rosie Gowran,who lectures in Occupational therapy at the University of Limerick carried out a recent survey in relation to the experiences of wheelchair users in the assessment and provision of wheelchairs. This study has shown the difficulties caused by the lack of uniformity in this area. Users who have received new chairs have revealed that their new chair did not meet their needs.

sean byrnes at the seanad


Three hundred people took part in the survey and it was discovered that 1/3 of them reported that their chair did not meet their needs.They had already endured delays in getting their chair and only one in six had a follow up within six months of receiving it.The study results were presented to senator John Dolan and other Seanad members yesterday (Tuesday 5th July).

You can read the full article here by following this link;



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