Mid-West Spina Bifida Association is a community based setting providing support and therapy for clients with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. The clients accessing this service could be in the age groups of 0 – 70 with Sacral, Lumbo- Sacral, Lumbar or Thoraco- Lumbar, Thorasic and Cervical lesions and/or Hydrocephalus. The Physiotherapy department within the association offers assessment and management to all its members in a variety of settings like preschool, school, in their own homes or in the therapy centre. Individual therapy as well as group sessions are offered. The Association runs Orthotic Clinics on a regular basis.



Types of assessment and Evaluation Methods:

Assessment involved use of subjective and objective (observation of posture/gait/functional activities, strength/tone/spasticity/muscle length testing, core stability etc) examination, test for sensation and using a play based assessment for younger clients when appropriate.


Treatments used

This can depend on the level of lesion and the age of the client. However one or more of the following treatment methods would be used.

  1. Positioning to promote normal developmental milestones
  2. Neurodevelopmental and motor learning exercises
  3. Passive Movement and stretching to maintain and improve joint range
  4. Respiratory care
  5. Resistance training
  6. Cardiovascular training
  7. Postural muscles strengthening and stretching programs to maintain and correct existing posture
  8. Transfer training
  9. Skin care and education on self-management skills
  10. Provision and care of aids and appliances like standers, walkers, AFO, spinal braces etc.
  11. Posture and seating assessment and management



Reviewing objective performance, scheduled review sessions, evaluation of functional skills, input from clients/ parents, repeat of outcome measures etc.